Chicago Sun Times - Dining out

The Parthenon in Greektown spit-roasts a whole lamb on weekends in the same way liquor companies use billboards. But instead of featuring bikini clad co-eds playing volleyball, the Parthenon features a dripping carcass licked by flickering flames in their Halstead Street windows.

Chicago Tribune

Then, I tried the lamb ribs at the Parthenon and now am I wondering if I am ever going back to pork. These spareribs are by far the tastiest bites I sampled in Greektown.

Today's Chicago Woman

Yanna Liakouris was the first women to manage a restaurant in Greektown. Her dad, owner Chris Liakouras, says "Yanna came in and the restaurant did much better. She's always talking, hugging and taking care of our customers. Now when I get introduced, people say, 'By the way, this is Yanna's father.' It's become my new name, 'Yanna's Father.'"

Midwest Living

At the Parthenon, a Greektown mainstay, sea bass and snapper taste as if they were just fished from the Aegean.